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General Construction
Underfloor Heating

Our team can under take repair work to:

  • Roofing. See our roofing section.
  • Structure. Internal and external.
  • Sub-Structure.
  • Foundations.
  • Plumbing and Electrical work. Under taken by our specialist sub-contractors.

We also do tailored repairs to older building that require special materials or fixings, as shown in the first example in our portfolio.


Half-timber building - Structural repairs

The exposed wooden structural beams had rotten through over time and needed to be replaced along with the render and wall. The brick work and wooden beams were replaced, preventing a re-occurrence by filling the wood-brick joints with a special sealant. Finally, covering with a rough cast dash to return the work to its former style. Other work was done on the ground floor brick work, replacing old crumbling plinth bricks with special hand cut bricks that maintain the original look of the building.

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