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General Construction
Underfloor Heating
Our skilled team have experience in the construction and repair of:
  • Tiled roofing.
    • Underlying repairs and repairs to roof structure.
    • Stripping and relaying tiles.
    • Installing dry-ridge and dry-hip systems.
    • Re-point chimneys.
    • Lead flashings.
  • G.R.P Flat Roofing.
    • Removal of old roof covering.
    • Repair work to roof structure.
    • Laying new insulation.
    • Installing new G.R.P roof system.
  • Renewal of:
    • Fascias.
    • Soffit.
    • Guttering.

GRP Roof System

Typical built up flat roof with a chip board deck with its associated problems, which soon fails and leaks.

GRP Roof System
With the new G.R.P system, with tongue and grooved structural boards that comes with a 20 year guarantee

Available in most colours and anti-slip surfaces

Barn Refurbishment

An example of a new slate roof

Tiled Roof Example

A typical tiled roof replacement with a re-pointed chimney (picture 1) and a dry ridge system (picture 2)

Lead flashings (picture1)

Chimney repair and maintenance (picture 2)

Underlying Repairs

The beam shown was found to be split and before a new roof was installed had to be carefully replaced.

Roof Replacement

This roof renewal included new fascias, soffits and a reinforced damp tray.

Specialist Roofing

Our highly trained team can provide speciifc solutions to individual problems. Such as the tiling on this bay window, requiring a large number of specially cut tiles.

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